Night Time Calls

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Night Time Calls

“Night time stirring
Quiet to the noises
Of honking horns
And screeching tires
This place like liquid
Peace, flowing through me
Making me whole
Again and again…”


© Inner Eye Prints 2018


Something New

the valley wood backing

When creating art or thinking about what I would create, I never, ever imagined that I would create digitally. I have always loved to paint and use my hands in creation. It was very much a psychical experience for me. So, digital wasn’t even a consideration.

Until, well, it just happened. I know, how does something just happen. But it did.

I began playing around with my photographs and made new designs with them. I’ve always been an abstract girl, so my photographs follow suit. They were focussed on feeling, shape, contrast and heavily on texture. I found that I could pull from my photography files of things found in nature, shadows, rusty metal, concrete and create a brand new scene.

This one is an abstract landscape print that I created digitally, called ” The Valley.” Though I love the city, I am a nature girl at heart. I’ve spent a lot of time in national forests, enjoying fresh water and heart-pleasing mountains. The landscape art that I created represents all the beautiful places that I visited and fell in love with.

I will be highlighting these prints over the next week. I hope you enjoy 🙂


© Inner Eye Prints 2018