life dominos blog

I tripped on my own words
Fumbling in the dark
Afraid of the outcome…

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Moving On Up

clean blog

Activating the active mind
Troubling memories to forget
Crumpled papers, sky high
In the corners left to waste.
Won’t you please stop
Reminding of all that’s gone past?

Move on, move up, move out

Eyes scrunched tightly
Avoiding bright day light
Pulled up to the top
Emotional blankets
Covering all but the reason.
Left with worries and crinkled
Markings from years gone by
Pressed in like morning sheets
On the face of the newly woke.

Still don’t know why I can’t
Let it all go
Still don’t know why your
Words are haunting me so
Still can’t get by
Without your words in my
Still won’t move on from
All the things that you said

Move on, move on, move on.

© Inner Eye Prints 2018


Peace or something like it…

militant blog

It was dark, crisp and ripe
This day that never ends.
Eternity and illumination
A dream that needs to be believed
For fear of this aching brittle future.
I won’t remember when it is all done
When it is all over
The only respite in my woke state.
Trembling at the thought of possibility
That tomorrow could change, that this
Could end, that peace lies within reach.

© Inner Eye Prints 2018



never blog
untethering my grasp
just allowing
this free falling motion
to evaporate all ideas
these notions
of greatness
that befall
even great men
linger too long
enveloped in this
all too satisfying
world of luxurious
bravely moving out
from under the thumb
til its all just
tiny dots in the distance
cloudy and rained upon
muddy and murky
untethering my grasp

just allowing…


© Inner Eye Prints


Something New

the valley wood backing

When creating art or thinking about what I would create, I never, ever imagined that I would create digitally. I have always loved to paint and use my hands in creation. It was very much a psychical experience for me. So, digital wasn’t even a consideration.

Until, well, it just happened. I know, how does something just happen. But it did.

I began playing around with my photographs and made new designs with them. I’ve always been an abstract girl, so my photographs follow suit. They were focussed on feeling, shape, contrast and heavily on texture. I found that I could pull from my photography files of things found in nature, shadows, rusty metal, concrete and create a brand new scene.

This one is an abstract landscape print that I created digitally, called ” The Valley.” Though I love the city, I am a nature girl at heart. I’ve spent a lot of time in national forests, enjoying fresh water and heart-pleasing mountains. The landscape art that I created represents all the beautiful places that I visited and fell in love with.

I will be highlighting these prints over the next week. I hope you enjoy 🙂


© Inner Eye Prints 2018