caviar dreams…

faded moon

counterintuitive mischief
rearing an ugly head
finding the footing
like a placeholder
for tomorrow,
it ends today.

for when there is sorrow
we all fall to the knees
but when its all sunny
we do just what we please,
never in a million and one
would guess it’s about to
spill rain.

wrapped up tight in
constricted thoughts
rifling through the
archives of days long
past, finished up with
the tarot card dreaming
to focus in on now.

all in a day’s work
my dear
all in a day’s feed.

Spiritual Poetry


in my most
private moments,
I attune myself
with you,
naked yet
before you,
my identity
and my wounds
on the ground.
petals whirl
around me,
scented of
dewdrops and melon,
an earthy potion
that transfixes,
sending me
deeper still
into myself,
deeper into

© 2018 RKE Poetry and Photography



at last


maybe when the sun sets
we’ll be in unison
backs turned, waving
at the day.
that’s where i tend
to see clearly what
has taken place,
what i’ve felt,
what i know.

there’s no other time
where the sun is
as sweet. the morning
sun shining so bright
in my face, the afternoon
scorching anything in
sight. no it’s the
evening that holds the
gentle power of
redemption, slowly
washing it all away.


Labour of Love

Soul Navigation

An utterance of time, is only the beginning, as we sway back in forth in the in between. From the moment we breathed air into our lungs, we were on a journey to navigate thought, feeling, emotion, senses, needs, wants, and desires. We have been trying, hoping, praying, succeeding, falling down, erupting in laughter, drowned by our own sadness. But what does all of this even mean?

It can feel pointless sometimes to work really hard to reach a plateau where it feels like we can view the whole of the Universe, only to find ourselves climbing and trying yet again, rummaging through the brush, body scratched by adversity and time. When we find ourselves, yet again, in this familiar place, trying, working hard, far from a plateau, we can wonder if it is worth it. We may wonder why we are even trying, at all. But in these moments…

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rumbly rambly rhymy

right there sm

i’ve spent the better part of eternity
by your side. wishing that you’d see
me, wondering if you know me, acting
like i don’t mind, brushing off the
as i read these words, i wonder
why i gave you so much power. a
power that can destroy me, wrapped
up all around me, the tooth
and the nail.
inside i feel i’m different, a strange
unlovable breed, inside reflected outside
an odd and tangled tree.
if i felt that you could love me
then i’d feel so full indeed. but in the end
it not true, it’s not you that i need.
there’s only one way to,
make everything okay inside,
reflecting all the rainbow
all the beauty that i hide.
it’s not you, though it feels true,
but if it’s not you, then who?
i hope i find out real soon 😛

(c) 2018-19 RKE Art and Word


a moment


i could say something
but you know i won’t.
i’ll just walk away
listening with my
keen inner ear for
the moment when the
storm passes.

you will say sorry
i was stressed and
didn’t mean to say
those things…no,
no you won’t.

enough about you.

i’ll wander through
the clouds, wondering
about everything in
the universe, forgetting
about this physical
space we call life.

that’s what i always
do, isn’t that right?

Spiritual Writing


i’ve slipped into nothingness. there’s nothing wrong, yet there is nothing to say, nothing to share, no words to describe this not here, not there space. how do i then explain to you, how do i share and make sense of my life and what is happening- or rather not happening?

there isn’t a way to say to you, everything that is happening, that could normally be described as an “issue,” isn’t an issue in this case. it is just me… being. letting go of all the doing mentality, each moment stepping away from action as a way of living. simply allowing myself to breathe into a new space, without needing to do something, say something, take some type of action in order to feel valid.

but isn’t it weird, this space of nothingness, just sitting there, doing nothing of value, hardly even thinking, isn’t it strange and problematic, perhaps even symptomatic? i mean, i’m saying, isn’t something wrong with you?

it’s okay for you to think so, for you to feel uncomfortable and question why. it is okay for you to look at things that are different and label them as other. but what you are doing has little to do with me.
i am content in this space, feeling full of empty, free of nets and webs and boxes, including self-made, free of otherness, in a space of all inclusive oneness, inside this nothingness.

me? i am just being… me.